TAG: Would You Rather – Beauty Edition

Hey guys,


I came across another beauty tag called ‘Would You Rather’ and thought it would be kind of fun to do it on my blog. Hope it will help you to get to know me more. I would love to see your answers, so please leave them in the comments bellow or send me a link to your blog. Lets start!

1.) Would you rather lose all of your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks, and lipglosses or lose all of your palettes and eyeshadows?

I would rather lose all of my palettes and eyeshadows. When it comes to everyday eye makeup, I like it very simple and nude. Eyeliner with some mascara would be perfect for me. No colour needed.

2.) Would you rather chop off all your hair or never be able to cut it again?

I guess I would rather never be able to cut it again. I love my hair so much and it took me 5 years to grow it back. I would be so sad if someone would chop off all of my hair 😦

3.) Would you rather have a coral cheek or a pink cheek?

Coral cheek all the way! So pretty 🙂

4.) If you had $1000 to spend, would you rather buy clothes or makeup?

I would rather buy clothes. I love simple makeup and it doesn’t require a lot of suplies. However, clothes… I could have loads of them!

5.) Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeliner as lipstick?

Weird… lol! Maybe eyeliner as a lipstick… Everything depends on the colour, actually. If eyeliner is black and lipstick is red, then I would probably choose lipstick as eyeliner 🙂 Hard to decide.

6.) Would you rather only shop at MAC or Sephora?

Sephora, as it has a wider range of brands.

7.) Would you rather only use one eyeshadow color or one lip color for the rest of your life?

I would rather use one eyeshadow colour and it would probably be nude, loool.

8.) Would you rather wear winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in winter?

Hahaha! Another hard question… I am always cold, so probably winter clothes in summer? However, I hate being hot… Hope I would survive!

9.) Would you rather have dark nails or bright nails all year round?


10.) Would you rather give up your favorite lip product or your favorite eye product?

Eye product. Again :))

11.) Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a ponytail or a messy bun?

Ponytail, as it suits my face shape better 🙂

12.) Would your rather never be able to paint your nails again or never use lipgloss?

I would rather never be able to paint my nails again. I worked in Gilly Hicks before and had this challange. It wasn’t hard at all 🙂

13.) Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all or sharpie them in everyday?

Nooo!!! I love my eyebrows… Maybe sharpie them in? 😦

14.) Would you rather live without makeup or nail polish?

I would rather live without nail polish.


I enjoyed this tag a lot! Please send me your answers 🙂

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